Love is in the air

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I'm sorry I didn't get you anything. Maybe next year. Probably not. 

I found myself in a discussion with another English teacher about being single on valentines day a week or so before the actual day. I wasn't complaining, as I have never had the pleasure of being in a relationship on valentines day, and innocence is bliss. I was merely stating an obvious fact. That those of us who are single on valentines day, if a bunch of flowers walks into our line of view, we just can't help but jump to the conclusion that our secret admirer has finally come to his senses and is confessing his love in the most elaborate and amazing fashion. However, it occurred to me, that living in Japan, all hope of my knight in shining armor fantasy is instantly crushed by the fact that women give chocolate to men on valentines day, and not the other way around. No surprise flowers coming my way. Bummer!

Sitting in my apartment enjoying the most delicious selection of home made chocolates and cookies. YAY, I love valentines day! Now, what have we learned class? I have learned that in fact, women not only give chocolate to men, but also to other women. On top of that, they hand make everything they give. Hand made chocolate almond cookies perfectly wrapped and decorated are astonishingly good, and you can really feel the love in them.There just might be something to this Japanese way of doing things. Maybe you will be getting something next year after all. 


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