Kids (and their teachers) say the darndest things

This will have to become a regular post I think. Every week a teacher is thinking up a new composition topic which will inevitably lead me to a moment of hilarity. Every second a student is thinking up something absurd to convey to me in English, and just maybe they will actually say it. I would like to share a few of those moments with you now.

3rd Grade Boys
Boy 1: Are you a takoyaki? (fried octopus ball)
Boy 2: No. Why?
Boy 1: Because you look delicious.

Boy 1: (running past) cnawoif nsdco wiofh ubrgoasnfvofew fiosncoiwnf
Me: (Look at boy 2)
Boy 2: I can't understand him.

2nd Grade Composition - What do you want to be in the future?
Boy 1: I want to be superman. Because, he has the power of fury.

1st Grade Row Game Losers Challenge
Boy 1: Do you love Tommy? (another boy in the class, obviously not named Tommy in real life)
Teacher:  Wait. Jaclyn doesn't know Tommy. Tommy stand up and introduce yourself.
Tommy: My name is Tommy. Do you love me?
Entire class and me in stitches.

3rd Grade Composition - What is your most precious thing?
Boy 1: (Raises his hand) Can we lie?
Boy 2: My most precious thing is love and peace for the world and children.
Boy 1: My most precious thing is money.

2nd Grade Composition - Introduce your school club
Boy 1: Our newest member is Jimmy. He can win the championship. Mr Jimmy isn’t as strong as me. It’s a joke. Because, he is very strong. He will do his best. He cries like a baby. Oh, may he use his special ability.

1st Grade Composition - My Dream School
Boy 1: The boys can play games. The girls cannot speak.
Girl 1: The boys can study hard. The girls can talk with their friends.
Teacher: The students can drive a car. The teachers can smoke.

Stay tuned for the next addition.


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