Kawaminami Toron Toron Kei-Tora Market 川南トロントロン軽トラ市

Three months ago, I found my new favourite monthly event. I honestly can’t believe that I had never heard of it before, even after living in Miyazaki for almost 5 years! It’s supposedly one of the biggest of its kind in Japan! People come from all over the prefecture to see it. It was even featured on the TV program “Aru Aru Seven.” Why did nobody tell me??

The Kawaminami Toron Toron Kei-Tora Market is held every fourth Sunday of the month from 8:30am until 11:30am. You can find almost everything there, with approximately 150 stalls selling everything from farm fresh vegetables, handmade goods, pets, antiques, and….

ALL THE FOOD!!! Seriously, this place is a gourmet’s heaven. There is so much food that I have to do a lap of the entire street before I can buy anything. It’s all about strategy. I recommend working in pairs or small groups to maximize the variety by splitting things between you. What surprised me the most is that there is a lot of food I have never even heard of before. This seems to be the place where ideas are born, with new and interesting foods appearing each month. I have been three times so far, and every time there has been something different to try. Of course the regulars stick around as well.

While you are eating, you can enjoy live music.  A different local artist or group is featured every month. There is also a local comedian who does street performances. He speaks a little English, as I walked past he introduced himself to me by saying, “I am a foolish man.”
食べながら、ライブも楽しむことが出来ます。毎月川南のアーティストやグループが演奏します。川南のコメディアンもいます!英語も少し出来るみたいです。前を通った時、I am a foolish man(僕は変なおじさんです)と自己紹介をしてくれました。

Just to prove to you that I am not exaggerating the greatness, I took a few pictures of the event. Even in the pouring rain, it was an event not to be missed!

If anyone would like more information about how to get there, what to eat, etc., feel free to message me. And if you do decide to go, you will probably see me there with my eyes wide, food in both hands, and belly full, looking happy. J haha

Grilled Ayu

Taiyaki. I really wanted to try the Pizza flavor, but I just can't go past custard!

Some of the locals came up with the idea of a Hiyajiru-burger.
The hiya-jiru burger is pork with hiya-jiru sauce.

Pretty tasty. But, available for a limited time only!

This man sells hats with partial wigs attached... there really is something for everyone!

Freshly shaved katsuobushi.

These flowers are so cheap!

Fresh juices, including kiwi juice!

Steamed manju.

Grilled pigs foot

Delicious udon noodles!
This is the most delicious yoghurt! I especially love the Hyuga Natsu flavored drinking yoghurt!

Need a creative way to decorate your wall?

Again... can't go past anything with custard filling. It is my weakness!

Korean Food

Guess who?

It's me! haha

For all your hyottoko mask needs.

Smoothies and hotdogs!

Pizza and Calzones made by David, so you know they are legit!

If you see this burger, buy it. This is easily the best burger I have eaten in Japan. It is filled with delicious slow cooked pulled beef. OMG!

Relaxing to the local beat.


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