I am now a size 3L, FML

For anyone who is of average size living in Japan, you may find that you are now a giant. The largest size shoes that you will be able to find is a 25cm, which I have guestimated to be a size 9 in Australia sizes (god knows what it is in any other country). Of course I am a 9.5 or 10, so that was never going to work. Women's tops are designed for people with no breasts and pants for people with no thighs. I would sometimes be surprised if my skeleton could fit into them.

If that wasn't enough to put you off the idea entirely, how bout making you feel really great when you have to buy a snug 3L. That's a size 14 in Australia, and a 12 in the states (which has the right idea and makes you a size smaller than you actually are, now that's great marketing). On the upside, you will never be able to find anything in a Japanese store that is not absolutely adorable, so if you can fit into it somehow, you will most certainly be the cutest thing that ever walked into one of your middle school classrooms. Which is exactly what you need to actually get them to listen to you. That or stickers, that you can hand out at opportune moments as bribery.  


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