The 5W's and a H

Who: Jacki
What: Teaching English to middle school students in Japan
When: July 2011 ~
Where: Miyazaki City, Japan
Why: It is the only natural thing to do after completing a Japanese major at university. Oh, I suppose I have an interest in it as well.
How: Via Plane

My lust for travel has wound me up in a small city called Miyazaki which is situated on the southern island (kyuushu) of Japan. It is famous for its attempt to make itself into a resort, with imported palm trees lining the streets near the ocean and airport like a mini beverly hills. But, similar to most other parts of Japan at the moment, ever since the tsunami, there is not much of a thriving tourism industry. The local delicacies include raw chicken, chicken smothered in tartare sauce (which is amazing), and a beverage called hyuga natsu which is made from a citrus fruit i have never seen before coming here. It has a population of about 400,000, most of whom can not speak English. There is a nice beach called Sun Beach and some beautiful scenery a little further inland, all of which is most easily accessed by car as public transport is few and far between. All in all, not a bad little city to call home.


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